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Click on any of the following links for another trip down Memory Lane, U.S.A., with a somewhat different focus. Just a few of the best ones have been selected, but each has links to virtually hundreds of others.  


Lost in the Fifties

Take Me Back to the Fifties

What We Drove in the '50s and '60s

 The Fifties Web

Rewind the Fifties

Explore the following links, and the countless others they will lead you to, to learn more about our early rock n roll music and its great pioneers who were heroes to our generation. 

The History of Rock 'n' Roll

Take me Back to the Fifties

Growing Up in the Fifties

The Briarcliff Manor High School Class of 1960 Jukebox

Chuck Berry Official Website

The Chuck Berry Page

The Everly Brothers International Info Circle  


Bill Haley & His Comets Rock Around the Web http://

The Official Site of Buddy Holly

The KILLER Jerry Lee Lewis

Little Richard News Home The Official Site

The Original Unofficial Elvis Home Page

The Originals of Rock and Roll

And for a history of the early days of American Bandstand in Philadelphia:

The Princes and Princesses of Dance

The following additional sites are also recommended for your enjoyment: 

For an enormous collection of photos of Long Beach over the years (since 1880), go to

For news from home, go to the Oceanside-Island Park Herald

Alpha Omega Theta




Omega Gamma Delta




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