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 Alan Freed




 Murray the K,
   The "Grand Kook"


 Jocko,"the Ace from Outer Space"


                       The King and I  ─ Now featuring live, OHS, onstage recordings
                        Paint Your Wagon
                       Bells Are Ringing   


 ─ Now featuring live, OHS, onstage recordings




Junior High 

           Photo Album/The Main Event
                 Reunion Speech ─ Now featuring VOICE AUDIO!!
           Photo Album/The Beach
          Photo Album/The Friday Night Warm-up 
          Photo Album/The Main Event
                 Welcoming Address ─ Now featuring VOICE AUDIO!!
          Photo Album/The Weekend Winddown
          Photo Album/Friday Afternoon
          Photo Album/The Friday Night Warm-up
          Photo Album/The Main Event
                  Welcoming Address ─ Now featuring VOICE AUDIO!!
          Photo Album/The Beach
          Photo Album/Friday Afternoon Lunch at Nathan's
          Photo Album/Friday Afternoon Tour of Old OHS
          Photo Album/The Friday Night Warm-up
          Photo Album/The Main Event
                   Welcoming Address ─ Now featuring VOICE AUDIO!!
                POPEYE's Page
                Class Photo
          Photo Album/Sunday Brunch
           Photo Album, p. 1/The Friday Night Mixer, Warming Up for the Grand Gala Event
           Photo Album, p. 2/Saturday Afternoon
           Photo Album, p. 3/The Grand Gala Event, Friends Greeting Friends   
          Photo Album, p. 4/The Grand Gala Event, Do Ya, Do Ya, Do Ya, Do Ya Wanna Dance?
           PhotoAlbum, p. 5/The Grand Gala Event, Talk to Me
           Photo Album, p. 6/The Grand Gala Event, Let's Stroll Once More
           Photo Album, p. 7/The Grand Gala Event, Updating Those Faded Pictures
           Photo Album. p. 8/The Sunday Brunch, Still Groovin'
         Other 50-Year Grand Reunion pages:
           /Ceremonial Presentations
           Full Text of Welcoming Address
            Congratulatory Letter from the Superintendent of Schools, Oceanside School District 
            Congratulatory Letter from the President of the Oceanside Education Foundation
            A Magical Reunion Romance
          Our 55-Year Reunion Program
          Our 55-Year Reunion Videos
         Full Text of Welcoming Address

60-Year Reunion

  A Report: Celebrating 60 - No, that's 62-
 Years Since 1960

          Full Text of Welcoming Speech and Farewell Address
         Dancing R Us
           More Reunion Photos and Acknowledgments  

        Introducing OCEANSIDE (the Book) 

Early History of the Roadside Rest Based on exclusive interviews with Morty Shor

  (son of its co-founder, Leon Shor) and his son, Richard Shor

           Exclusive Interview with Murray (son of Nathan) Handwerker
          Special Report on Class of 1960/Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Tribute Award to Nathan's  
                Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Article on Tribute Award to Nathan's
                Letter of Thanks from Nathan's Famous for our Tribute Award
                Letter of Thanks from Nassau County Division of Museum Services for Donated Photo of Nathan's
          Shop With Pride at Oceanside



In Memoriam


  Memorial Photo Album

Selected Individual Memorial Tributes
                    (Click on name below.)                 

  Dave Adest Maris Cakars Ed Chilton Don Fine    Jim Heitler Mike Katz
  Chris Knorr Alan Lupi Joel Pravda (Now featuring VOICE AUDIO!!)
  Lois Rindner Ken Shilman Tom Turner Hal Wilensky  

(Classmates and other visitors are invited to submit material for a special memorial tribute page
for any other departed classmate. Just e-mail it to me at




Feedback Received

 page 1, from Classmates

Feedback Received

 page 2, from Other OHS/OJHS Alumni

Feedback Received

  page 3, from Others Who Are Not OHS/OJHS Alumni




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