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If you have any photos or other memorabilia from high school, jr. high or any of our reunions that you would like to see on the website and share with the class, please send them.  We would particularly like pictures of our 10-year reunion, our proms, graduations (jr. and sr. high), and familiar scenes of Oceanside in the 1950s (like the "little red store"). If you mail them, we will surely return them unharmed, or you can scan them and send us the image (preferably .jpg) files via e-mail.  Your contributions will be acknowledged on the site. 

Speaking of contributions:

We incur costs to maintain this website and our community service and other Association activities, as well, and we would like to keep it all going for as long as possible to help us stay in contact with one another (a luxury we have never had before this wonderful technology) and to promote future reunions, but we need help.

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Many hundreds of hours have gone into the creation and maintenance of this, our class website, for the nostalgic pleasure of all our classmates and others our age or from our hometown. But even after all these years, we're not done with this yet, Class.

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