Remembering Alan Lupi  


By Howie Levy


Voted most talented in our class, Alan Lupi's talent earned him the leading roles in every onstage Oceanside High School musical and dramatic production for which he was eligible during his time there from fall 1957 until spring 1960. His talent, together with those performances, his outgoing and giving personality, and his wit, made Alan among the most popular members of the OHS class of 1960.  


After college, Alan returned to our little town to teach English. He first joined the faculty at OJHS and soon moved  OHS  where he was once again, I am told, very popular with the students. Then, in June 1980, he went west to Los Angeles to follow his dream and try to become an actor. Unsuccessful in that endeavor, however, Alan returned to teaching in LA until his tragic and untimely passing in September 1986.

In 1972 while on  
the OHS faculty  




You are now listening to the voice of the late Alan Lupi in one of his most entertaining and memorable high school performances, "A Puzzlement," from The King & I, recorded onstage at OHS on March 15, 1958.



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