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Local Artist, Reggie Behl (1922-2011)


Born and raised in nearby Long Beach, New York, artist, teacher and international art missionary, Reggie (Regina) Behl spent much of the 1950s living on Pearl Street in our little town. Reggie and her husband, aeronautical engineer, Hal Behl, were deeply involved in community life during their time (and ours) in Oceanside and were founding members of its Temple Avodah. According to Hal, whom I contacted in May 2014 at the age of 91, the following two pen-and-ink sketches of Reggie's were both created in 1953 as part of Temple Avodah's initial developmental fundraising efforts.

The artist with the oldest 2 of her 3
during their Oceanside years

The sketch below illustrates the remarkable spirit of community demonstrated in 1953 by the earliest congregants of Oceanside's first reform synagogue, Temple Avodah, 85 men and women, and some children, who "lovingly scraped, patched and painted" the just purchased, ten-room, unoccupied, three-story house set on a beautiful 4-acre site at the bend of Oceanside Road just north of Campbell Avenue -  then in dire need of a facelift but soon to become Temple Avodah's religious school building.

In addition to pen-and-ink sketches, Reggie did watercolor paintings during her Oceanside period, and her husband, Hal, graciously provided us with the following examples. Thanks Hal.

The first two are scenes of Mill River, near their home on Pearl Street:




The third painting is of an old house that may have been on Oceanside Road:


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