Our Little Town


"Shop with Pride at Oceanside"

was rich with the advertising of our local merchants. And the character and collective pride of our little town in the 1950s, before (like the rest of American society) it was overrun by national and regional retail chains, can be discerned in that advertising.    

Some of these local businesses were the places where we shopped, banked, dined, were entertained, where we gassed up our cars or just hung out.  Some provided us with jobs when we were kids, and some sponsored our Little League or other teams that we competed on outside of school.  Many were owned and operated by our neighbors and friends.

As illustrated below, unsold spaces between ads on the pages of were filled with the slogan, "SHOP WITH PRIDE AT OCEANSIDE," until around 1960, when the slogan was replaced with the substantially less creative, "Please Patronize Our Advertisers,"  (No doubt, the change was the result of pressure from merchants in Baldwin, Rockville Centre and Island Park who were finding it increasingly in their best interests to advertise in the Oceanside paper.)

So here's a sample.  The ads that follow contain old familiar names that should spark fond memories for all of us.


Remember the excitement after the start of each school year when the new cars came out?  
Well, this rakish new beauty (the car, not the rocket ship) arrived in our senior year:

    Need to get dressed up?

How about these 1957-'58 prices?


 Was everyone was supposed to just know where this dry cleaners was  (no address or phone no. in the ad)?

    Talk about heated competition!  These two appeared on facing pages in January 1957.






Henry's Deli for the best German potato salad on the planet!

And our most famous business, Nathan's Famous, of course:

       Do you remember where you were New Year's Eve, 1958-'59?  
        Here's where I was (the black building on Austin Blvd.):