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A Report: Celebrating 60 -


 No, that's 62- Years Since 1960




As we all know, our long-awaited 60-year reunion (our eighth) was postponed twice due to the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic and was finally held in June 2022, just one day before the 62nd anniversary of our graduation day in 1960. (Click here for a summary and links to reports of our eight great reunions.) Sadly, however, since we were all either 80 years old or approaching 80 in June 2022, this will most certainly be our last national reunion.

Although, as expected (primarily due to our age), our turnout was less than for prior reunions, it was, nevertheless, a resounding success. People came not only from New York but also from New Jersey, New Hampshire,  Florida, Georgia. Nevada and even California. Everyone who came said they had a terrific time (even the guests of our classmates), and the smiles in the photos prove it. It was heartwarming.

Our reunion was held at the lovely Hilton Garden Inn, Melville (actually in Plainview), NY, which proved to be an excellent venue for our party. Thanks to the Hilton staff for a great job.



A small group of us gathered together first on Friday night in the Hilton lobby or on one of its outside patios for cocktails and/or dinner in a casual meet-and-greet held before our main event, which took place on Saturday evening. The dinner tables were set up beautifully on Saturday in our school colors, blue and white, before our classmates and their guests were greeted and checked in at the door to the banquet room by the wives of Howie Levy and Jay Katz. respectively, i.e., Susan (pictured at right with Howie) and Karen, and the attendees were given their nametags (featuring yearbook pictures for classmates after all, some of us had changed in 62 years).




Prominently displayed on the buffet table when the banquet room was opened was our very special reunion dessert:




Before the reunion buffet table was opened for dinner, Bob Rubin came up to the podium (on which was displayed our beautiful class association banner) to officially open our reunion party most fittingly on a personal and sentimental note and then to introduce Howie to deliver his welcoming address that  sadly, in this case, because of our age, also contained a farewell message to the class. (Click here, then here (or below) for videos of reunion speeches. Click below for the full text of Howie's speech in a downloadable or printable .pdf file,)



Everyone listened to Bob as he began by referring to the positive feelings we all seem to have about our high school experience and "especially about the people we knew and know." He said his story includes still best friends that he sees regularly and others who, although he sees less often, are still important to him. He said he has friends made over the years "where you know for sure you have a special connection with them." He continued,

"Years can go by, and as soon as you see them, you click. It's like you were never apart. And that's the way I feel about my friends. And that's my personal story, and I know it's your story also."

Then before introducing Howie, Bob said (as only our dear friend, Bob, can):


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Before continuing with the remainder of his reunion speech, Howie directed the attention of all of our Sailors present to the memorial poster on display and asked them to take a moment to review the list of names of our 132 known departed classmates listed thereon.


Click here for a more easily readable version of this list.

Click here for additional video of the remainder of Howie's speech.

  Click here to access the full text of Howie's speech in a downloadable or printable .pdf file (p. 2 of 4).

  Click here for reunion videos, more photos and acknowledgments  on pp. 3 and 4 (of 4).



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