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Most of the photos with smiling  faces that you see below and on the other pages that cover this reunion were graciously taken, among others, by the lovely (much younger and much more energetic) wife, Karen Katz, of our very dear friend and classmate, Jay Katz. We should all be deeply grateful to Karen for these photos and offer her a special thanks.

Thanks also to Karen and our friend, Dave Schwarz, for taking most of our reunion videos, along with Sharon Russo, daughter and guest of Myles Tashman, to Bob Rubin for his kind introduction to my speech, and to another one of our friends, Jeff Menton (a professional videographer who was unfortunately unable to attend this reunion) for his work editing the videos. And thanks to all those who came to this reunion, from near and far, and helped to make it spectacular for the rest of us. (For those of you who weren't there, we are so sorry you missed a very special evening.)

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the other Sailors who helped over the years with this and the prior three reunions that I had the pleasure to help plan and lead since 2005, and especially, my beautiful and loving wife of almost 59 years, Sue (OHS '63), without whose help I could never have done what I did over the last several years to keep the Spirit of 1960 and our fondest memories alive in our hearts and minds.

And now, for the rest of of our 2022 reunion photos:

















(Taken Sunday morning)


So, did you have a good time, too, Dave?



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