55-Year Reunion

  ̶̶  Back to the Beach

September 26, 2015

Presented to the class by 1960 Sailors Association Inc.     




Wouldn't you like to get away  ̶̶  where everybody knows your name?


Based on the results of our recent class survey, your Class Association's Board of Directors voted unanimously on June 6th, 2014, to begin planning for a 55-year reunion in 2015  ̶̶  the last weekend in September.

Since many classmates expressed a preference for a location close to Oceanside, we have reserved the ballroom at the delightful and charming, newly renovated LONG Beach HOTEL, one block from our beloved boardwalk that was just freshly rebuilt following the 2012 devastation of Superstorm Sandy.


So wouldn't you like to take a break from all your worries? Wouldn't you like to get away - where everybody knows your name - where they're always glad you came?

Click here for details (including information about financial assistance available to help you attend our reunion), and watch for updates on that page and in your e-mail inbox.

And if you did not receive your invitation/registration form (or if you misplaced it), click here. (Right click on the document to print it. Make sure we have your most current e-mail and "snailmail" addresses.

Click here to read the many rave reviews we received from our classmates following our fabulous 50-Year Grand Reunion Gala.  Here is an emotional example (my favorite from Lynda D'Acunto):

"... an evening filled with nostalgia, with the sheer joy of reuniting, rekindling lost friendships and renewing the sense of innocence of our generation in 1960. Our all too short evening together captured the beauty of our graduation day, the music, and many gestures of kindness and affection for one another. It seemed like time had stopped, returning to those feelings just as we parted on June 26th 1960, ending our high school years of closeness, and happily looking forward to our futures in our great country ... it was an extraordinary experience of being together 50 years later.  Memories of our exuberance on our graduation day came flooding back. ... felt like our senior-senior prom in all of its happiness ... an exquisite gift ..."

If you missed that incredible trip back in time in 2010, here is one more chance - with the beach and boardwalk as a bonus! So save the date, plan to be there - and get ready to reunionate together again - in September:

"By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea,
You and me, you and me, oh how happy we'll be!
... I love to be beside your side beside the sea,
Beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea!"

Join us, Sailor, this one more time - to dance and laugh together as we reminisce together about the joyous time we spent together every day - so many years ago.

And check our list of missing classmates so you can give us information necessary to allow us to  contact your friends and give them a chance to enjoy our reunion, too.



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