50-Year Grand Reunion

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  A Magical Reunion Romance

This page tells the story of the most magical consequence of our 50-Year Grand Reunion weekend  the story of two of our classmates who became 1960 Sailor sweethearts exactly 50 years after our graduation day. They are Sue (now known as Suzanne) Schlesinger (who starred as Lotus Blossom in our November 1959 production of The Teahouse of the August Moon), and Bill Liebman.


So how is it that this magical romance got started during our 50-year reunion weekend in 2010?  Scroll down, and read on.


Their story goes like this.

Bill and Suzanne had both lost their spouses during 2009. Neither was looking to start a new relationship in 2010, nor were they particularly looking forward to our 50-Year Grand Reunion. But despite their sadness, they both decided they might enjoy the company of dear old friends and classmates and sharing fond memories with them. (After all, isn't that what reunions are for?)

On the Thursday night before our celebrations officially began, June 24th, 2010, a small group of us got together in New York City for a Broadway dinner party followed by the fabulous hit show, Million Dollar Quartet  (MDQ), selected to help get us rockin' and rollin' and ready to "reunionate." (It worked and we all enjoyed the show.) Suzanne and Bill were among us.  Bill was the last to arrive at dinner that night, and the only empty seat at the table was next to Suzanne. Thus, it began. 

Although Bill and Suzanne did not know each other when we were kids, nevertheless, like the rest of us, they shared many common memories of our school days together and many mutual friends among us.

Were they in for a big surprise! Our classmate, Jay Katz, noticed there seemed to be something going on between them at dinner, so when he distributed the show tickets for MDQ, he made sure Suzanne and Bill would be seated together again. Thus, it continued. Of course, they also sat together at our Grand Reunion Gala Saturday night, and, as can be seen in the next three photos, below, the reunion worked its magic.


In the shot above, Bill surely does not look like he wanted to be photographed but Suzanne certainly does! 

Notice below how things soon changed:

"We're no longer strangers; now we're more than friends
- Dance with Me! ...

and maybe we'll be lovers when the music ends."


A few months later:


About four years after that:


Still Sailors:


Fast forward to October 2019, still together, still happy and still acting and feeling like teenagers in love, Suzanne went public (on Facebook) with her version of their story. At last count, she had received 333 likes and 134 comments! 

A typical comment came from our Barbara Traynor:

"Beautiful story, beautifully said. It was written in the stars!"


2020: On June 24th, 2020, the 10th anniversary of the beginning of their relationship in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic Bill and Suzanne were married in a virtual, ZOOM video ceremony beamed all over the world to family and friends from their lovely South Florida home.


If you do not remember, or do not recognize, Bill or Suzanne, here are some reminders of how they looked when she was Sue, and we were all kids together in school.


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