50-Year Grand Reunion

Presented to the class by 1960 Sailors Association Inc.
The Grand Gala Event
Ceremonial Presentations


"We Will Have These Moments to Remember"



Hyatt Regency Long Island/Windwatch Hotel, Hauppauge, New York, June 26, 2010


This page  features, in five parts, video taken, or prepared for presentation at, our 50-Year Grand Gala Reunion in 2010. Part 1 consists of Howie's introduction to a memorial tribute slideshow (not shown  instead, you can view our updated Memorial Spindrift photo album). Part 1 is followed in Parts 2 and 3 with a champagne toast, various introductions and other preliminaries. After viewing Part 3, proceed successively to Parts  4 and 5. All 50-Year Grand Gala Reunion videos are accessed from the bulleted links below.


In Parts 2 and 4, in his "White sport coat and a pink carnation ... all dressed up for the dance," Howie delivers his Welcoming Address* about the value of old friendships ─ "a sentiment long held and heartfelt.
(Unfortunately, some of Howie's words were not captured on the videos, and some that were may not be
clearly audible, so there is a link near the bottom of this page to the full text of his Welcoming Address.*)


Part 3 is our original, 13-minute, music video documentary entitled The Dawn of Rock of Rock 'n' Roll, 1954-'59 that was made especially for us for presentation at our 50-Year Grand Gala Reunion.


Please note that the videos are big files and may take some time to download. So be patient.

If the video frame does not open, you may have to unblock pop-ups on this site, set up Windows (or an alternative) Media Player or download a QuickTime plug-in,  for example, if you are using a Firefox browser. Also, you may prefer to view the videos in "full screen" mode by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the pop-up video frame.


  Click here to view Part 1 introduction to our memorial tribute slideshow (not shown  instead,    you can view our updated Memorial Spindrift photo album).

  Click here to view Part 2 our 50-Year Grand Gala Champagne Toast and introductions of
   class association Board of Directors and Reunion Committee members.

  Click here to view Part 3  introductions of faculty guests, the beginning of Howie's
   Welcoming Address,* and our
Rock 'n' Roll video documentary presentation.

  Click here to view Part 4 our original video documentary entitled The Dawn of Rock 'n'
    (Note that once the video documentary begins to play,
for the first 45 seconds, the screen will be
     black, and you will only hear audio until a still image appears followed by the video presentation.)

  Click here to view Part 5 the remainder of Howie's Welcoming Address.*


Our thanks to Howie's wife, Susan (Phillips, OHS '63) for her invaluable contribution to our collective class memory bank, and special thanks to Howie's brother for his talent, patience and hard work in putting the pieces together for our video presentations.

"The laughter we were glad to share will echo through the years."

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*Full Text of Welcoming Address
Congratulatory Letter from the Superintendent of Schools, Oceanside School District 
         Congratulatory Letter from the President of the Oceanside Education Foundation

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