45-Year Reunion

Presented to the class by 1960 Sailors Association Inc.
The Main Event
Saturday Evening, p.
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We call on the memories, and we're lost in the '50s
s the ballroom lights dim, and the dancing begins slowly.


LI Marriott, "Re-Uniondale," New York, May 28, 2005




            Dan Dawson                   Bill Jackson                  Jeff Menton   Rudy Santoli             Howie Levy
and spouses


Rudy Hrubala and spouse

"Close your eyes, Baby. "

Howie Levy and spouse


Diana Nigl and spouse

Lenny Freshman and spouse

Rudy Santoli and spouse

Carole Cohen and spouse

Jeff Menton and spouse

Lloyd Becker and spouse

Gene Gelling and spouse

Dan Dawson and spouse

Steve Shapiro and spouse

Fran Perlman/Jay Katz

Sue Schlesinger/George Kinney  

Bill Liebman and spouse

Mike Katz and spouse

Carolyn Asher and spouse

Delores Nastri/Pete Wittemann

George Pearson and spouse


Linda Gollon and spouse

Bob Johnson and spouse


                                                                 Rudy Santoli and spouse                   Mike Colodner and spouse


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