40-Year Reunion 

July 28-30, 2000
OHS Tour, Friday, July 28, 2000  

One of our 40-year reunion committee members, Nancy Keegan (Bixby), delivered the welcoming banner that would soon greet our group at OHS, and while she was there, she took the opportunity to preview the school tour on her own. 

"There are places I'll remember all my life, though some have changed ..."


Following is Nancy's account of her experience touring the hallowed halls of our alma mater  very much like that of many others among us on the day before our reunion party after 40 years!!

"My tour included begging some guy to let me into the auditorium.  He was going home, but I explained to him that the blue tube (the banner) that I was carrying was NOT A RIFLE!!!  that I was a 1960 grad who just wanted a peek  so he unlocked it, and I was in there by myself.  Oh boy, did the memories come flooding back!!!

"I wandered the halls, looked into the rooms (I think our old cafeteria is now art rooms), even peeked into the ladies room where I fell in while smoking!  Most of it I did not recognize, but there were times I got the shivers and could picture all of us roaming the halls.  I think some of the lockers are the originals from our days. 

"The original 'Lamps of Learning' plaques that were over the original entrance are still there.  There used to be three, but only two were kept.  

"Our original entrance is now classrooms leading out into a court yard off of the new main entrance, which is on Skillman Ave., not Brower!  

"The library is HUGE!!!!! 

"Wait until you see the 'Hall of Fame'!!!!!  That's where we will most likely spend most of our time on the 28th!!!  It's absolutely FABULOUS!!!!   So many of the pictures are of the classmates that we all knew!!!!  Some of the pictures go back to the '20s. 

There are pictures of our teachers as students and/or coaches and a beautiful painting of Mr. Mosback.  He was a coach at one time, too, before he became a Principal. 

"I could have stayed there all day!!"




So, tell us already, Nancy, did you really have a good time?

(FYI, Class, Nancy picked the music for our OHS tour series of pages.)

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